Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its my party and I'll cry if I want too...

I actually didn't cry but hey... This years birthday was actually fun. Last year I think perhaps I did cry and it was a non-event. I love birthdays! But as I get older I don't like the aging part so much. Friends, Family, Fun, Festivities and best of all PRESENTS! I love it. I normally try and do something every year. A group of us went to Waipu Pizza Barn and it was a fun night. I got me a cowboy hat, wore my boots and a check shirt, yeehaw!

You only need a few good friends to make a great night. So thanks friends. I missed you Banban and Lisee-lou. I'm looking forward to when your here.

Perhaps birthdays are Gods reminder that each year is precious and unique. It will never be exactly like the last one gone. LORD I hope so and pray so. I'm forever hopeful about the future and what God is going to bring.

As I get older my perspectives change and deepen, and I like that! True wisdom comes from God and thats my prayer, for wisdom, discerment, insight and knowledge.

My favourite thing I got for my birthday was from my friend Char, stationery! I LOOOVVVVEEE Stationery. Well actually is was a memo block with a pen. Thats the way to my heart!