Friday, January 30, 2009


You know I spend alot of time on facebook. I like facebook. I think I like it so much because I'm a social person who really likes to have contact with people. I like to look at peoples photo's and see what their up too and generally be nosey. Friends are very important to me. All of my best friends are scattered all over the place. All my best friends are on facebook so I love being able to be just a click away from them. Anywho just a thought!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Peeps

Hmm thought I'd start a blog since my friends have one. For some reason we find is easy to bear our soul on the internet yet find it hard to do it face to face with people. I guess I'm the type of person who doesn't normally have that issue, I could talk to a tree if I thought it would give me some sympathy.

I talk to God everyday in my head about life and issues, thoughts and muddling that are on my mind. Words have never been an issues for me.

Anyway I'll be blogging again!