Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soup Weather!

Here's how I make Bacon Hock and Vege Soup. Gee's I hear you say am I that bored that I took pictures of the process just to show you? Why yes, yes I did!

Butter in the pan with a dash of oil

Onion ready to cube

Garlic Granules (cheaper then the fresh ones)

Add some salt...

...and pepper

Grate the carrot in and I've had some frozen celery lingering in the freezer that I used

I love Pams! Good cheap soup mix

Pour in to the mix with some water added

Add in you bacon hock

Cube up your potatoes and add to the pot

Dice up some vege

I like using chicken stock...

...and beef stock coz' that's how I roll...

Add more water and let it simmer away for a while

Mmm soupy goodness

The skin will start to come away after awhile, then you know its time to take the bone out

Cut the meat off and in to pieces.. chuck back into the pot

Strip that baby bare!

Stir altogether

This process takes a couple of hours

Serve with some bread the next day...

It always tastes nicer the next day.
Hope that was helpful! Yummo!


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding...

Here's how I celebrated...

Pinky out drinking my tea! Loving the coverage on tv. Its amazing really.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding... I love a good wedding.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Will and Kate get married. I've been a closet royalist for many many years. I was 5 when Di and Charles got married and I loved her. I remember where I was the day I heard the news about her death, it was surreal. I remember when Wills was born and the footage of him with our kiwi icon the buzzy bee.

So yes I'll be watching! This is history in the making here people! I doubt New Zealand will remain in the Commonwealth forever so I'll make the most of this Royal Wedding!

I may even make Devonshire Tea for the occasion and drink my tea from a China Tea Cup with my pinky sticking out.

Oh to be a fly on the Westminster Abbey wall!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Beer Bread...

I brought a 6 pack of Mac's Gold yonks ago and I've had a bottle floating around in the fridge since Christmas... I was browsing through some blogs today and I found a recipe for Beer Bread on this blog, bakeat350. That's where you'll find the simple recipe. Here's my photo's

Yum Mac's Gold

Self Raising Flour, Sugar and Beer mixed together. Simple as that. (Just add what ever flavours you want)

 Poppy Seeds added for crunch

Good ole'pukeko holder.


Nice with butter smothered all over it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Come up Parihaka with me...

So I was bored and took my camera for a walk..

Then the battery ran out.