Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its my party and I'll cry if I want too...

I actually didn't cry but hey... This years birthday was actually fun. Last year I think perhaps I did cry and it was a non-event. I love birthdays! But as I get older I don't like the aging part so much. Friends, Family, Fun, Festivities and best of all PRESENTS! I love it. I normally try and do something every year. A group of us went to Waipu Pizza Barn and it was a fun night. I got me a cowboy hat, wore my boots and a check shirt, yeehaw!

You only need a few good friends to make a great night. So thanks friends. I missed you Banban and Lisee-lou. I'm looking forward to when your here.

Perhaps birthdays are Gods reminder that each year is precious and unique. It will never be exactly like the last one gone. LORD I hope so and pray so. I'm forever hopeful about the future and what God is going to bring.

As I get older my perspectives change and deepen, and I like that! True wisdom comes from God and thats my prayer, for wisdom, discerment, insight and knowledge.

My favourite thing I got for my birthday was from my friend Char, stationery! I LOOOVVVVEEE Stationery. Well actually is was a memo block with a pen. Thats the way to my heart!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Babies babies everywhere....

Last week was a week for new babies! Miss Harriet gave birth to a beautiful wee man (2-3weeks early). He is such a wee poppet, can't wait for my next cuddle.

My sister had her second child Nina last week too. So I am an Aunty for the 8th time. She was 7.11 pounds born 11.17am. Love it how the time and weight have the same numbers. I got to cut the cord for Nina. What a privilege! I was their for both babies births and my sister was at the birth of Asher too. Its awesome!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Its been a wee while since I wrote something so I thought I better check in. I should be in bed but as usual I'm squeezing every bit of ME time I can before the day starts over again in the morning.

Master 7 is in bed and I'm multi-browsing on the internet. Flicking between trademe, facebook, emails etc.

I have been at my friends daycare centre today helping her out. Children are such an interesting group of people. I remember when Master 7 was their age, time goes by so fast. When people tell you that when your bubs is little you really don't believe them but its true. I don't know where the last 7 years have gone.

I will be divorced 7 years this september, I can't believe that either!
7 such a biblical number! 7 Lord, what is 7 bringing me this year. So yes my boy turned 7 and I'll be divorced 7 years.

So much has happened within the last 10 years:
- Flatting with 2 different groups of girlies. (Loved it!)
- Missions Trip to China smuggling Christian Literature across the border and it was my first overseas trip.
- Went on Weight Watcher for the 1st time and lost 20kgs
- Met my husband to-be
- Got in engaged
- Got married
- Got pregnant
- Seperated and divorced
- Lost weight again
- Lived by myself (with my son) for the first time in my life whilst parenting solo
- Mum passed away from cancer
- Studied towards becoming a counsellor
- Put on weight
- Finished my studies
- Still in the throes of finishing my practical hours
- 3 trips to Oz during that time

Man times flies...

But you know what, God has been faithful and constant all that time and I couldn't journey in this life without him. My heart has been healed and held all through those times. Would I want things different, sure some things perhaps. But life is was it is and you make the most of it knowing that God turns all things for good. Would my heart be soft towards the hurting if it hadn't experienced so much hurt itself? Would I understand the pain, the need for support or comfort, the non-judgemental - unconditional love you need in times of trauma? I don't think so. So my God is good. So whatever it is that I have been through its all for the glory of God.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Art of Blogging

Hmmm I haven't quite got the knack of blogging. My friends Mrs A and Mrs L want me to blog more but I am blog blocked. 

Master Ash and I have just got back from Oz and I have had an enjoyable time with my besties. Nothing beats fab friends who you can just be yourself with. They are avid bloggers. Hense the need to blog...

My friends that I stayed with made me feel right at home just like it should with good friends. I thank God for my circle of besties. Life would be dull without them. More like sisters really, considering I already have 3 sisters its nice to add more to the mix. 

Speaking of sisters, when I got home from Oz they had done over my house and cleaned it top to bottom, shuffled the furniture and even chucked some out! They did an amazing job. The thought of cleaning my house was such a daunting concept. I am sooooo appreciative right now and remembering my blessings of the people God has put in to my life. xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Blanket for Miss Harriet

Here's is my newest creation, a baby blanket for Harriet. Shes due in July but I wanted to get it done.

My Men!

My two main men. My son Asher and his
Poppa Joyce. Do you like the contrasting colours?

School Holidays

Well its school holidays again and Asher and I are floating around the place. The one thing that makes holidays bearable is my family. Its good to have my sisters and their children around. A shared responsiblity! Yay for whanau.

Asher is 7 next month and we are planning a trip to see my beautiful friends and their kiddies in Australia. We are so looking forward to it. So after the school holiday we get to have another holiday! Its great.

There are defintely benefits to being a solo mum (and there was a time I probably wouldn't of said that). We get to go off on little adventures and its great. Asher and I are like a little team. If we want to go out and get an ice cream we can just jump in the car and go, if we want to go for a random drive we can! Its just us and it helps to look on the bright side sometimes (as I do tend to look the other side sometimes.

One more week oof holidays.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Baby Blanket for my Sisters New Baby

My sister is having her second baby (who happens to be a girl!) so I thought I'd make her a blanket. My other sister usually makes the babies a blanket but I askedd if I could try this time. We have 5 boys and now we are going to have 4 girls, the numbers are slowly evening up. I would like to contribute a little to the mix but that will have to wait.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Asher's first day back at school.

Well its been a good holiday but it is time to go back to school for my son. As much as we love each other its nice to get the old routine and space back from the intensity of been together all the time.

We have had a good time relaxing. We went to the movies and saw 'Bolt', 'Madagascar 2' and 'Bedtime Stories'. Heather and I went and saw 'The Yes Man'. So to me thats pretty good going. Asher and I love the movies.

We went up north for Christmas with my whanau and camped on dads front lawn in a little rustic valley. No power, no flush toilet - but its awesome...

Yet alass back to work and school, which is actually fab. I have been avoiding the reality that I actually have alot of work to do this year and a bit of saving to do for our trip to Oz. My counselling hours are the main thing that has been taxing my thoughts. I have to do so many and my clients are very few at the mo. But God willing they are picking up.

Ash doesn't want to got to school today and I don't blame him... all these days of sleep-in' and no time table and then wham back to school. He has a new teacher and a new class. His old friends are in different classes so to me its like he's starting all over again, I pray for him to make some really good mates and feel safe and secure, valued and looked after. Its a heart-tug being a mum!


Friday, January 30, 2009


You know I spend alot of time on facebook. I like facebook. I think I like it so much because I'm a social person who really likes to have contact with people. I like to look at peoples photo's and see what their up too and generally be nosey. Friends are very important to me. All of my best friends are scattered all over the place. All my best friends are on facebook so I love being able to be just a click away from them. Anywho just a thought!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Peeps

Hmm thought I'd start a blog since my friends have one. For some reason we find is easy to bear our soul on the internet yet find it hard to do it face to face with people. I guess I'm the type of person who doesn't normally have that issue, I could talk to a tree if I thought it would give me some sympathy.

I talk to God everyday in my head about life and issues, thoughts and muddling that are on my mind. Words have never been an issues for me.

Anyway I'll be blogging again!