Op Shop and Bargains Love Affair

Op Shop Treasure...

I love me some Op Shopping... I can spend a lot of time looking for bargains and bric-a-brac... Joy of Joys! Here are some of the goodies I have found... SOME...

Retro cookie container in the fill-a-bag for $3 of bric-a-brac bin.

Three suitcases for a $1 each for possible storage or for using in my brothers up and coming nuptials

Love this $3 beauty! Chuck a tealight in it and hang it up.

This was in the fill-a-bag thing. I have splashes of red in my lounge, it goes with my three stacked teapots I scored for $2 each.

Love this bottle vase, I got it a night market for $5?

This is for ravioli I think. If I ever want to make pasta this baby is coming out.

What treasures have you found lately???


Op Shop Find

Another bargain at the Op Shop I got for $1. I'm needing this one for some current projects I'm doing. I love a good bargain!

Happy Crafting!

What shall I do with these bargains???

Surplus Direct is great for a bargain. I got these beauty's for $2 each because they have no lids!

Any idea's?


Op Shop Bargain!

I got this cool lamp from the Op Shop last week for $10. This awesome lamp looks fab at night. Deciding whether to do something crafty to it. What do you think?


Op Shop Bargain!!!!

I fell in love today.... I was doing my usual Op Shop Thursday thing and then I glimpsed these....

I have a cake tin fetish! Look how big this lovely cake tin is (hense the Chapstick showing you how humongous this gorgeous tin is!). I'm looking forward to finding some Nut Loaf recipes for my new nut loaf tin. Soooo loving these. Op Shops Rock!

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