Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafting it up!

Its been awhile. I've been making stuff and stuff. Babies (and those that are still baking) have given me crafty inspiration. And I must say my crochet hook(s) have been at work. I have actually made something for myself which is nice for a change.

This is my new blanky made with thick wool and a number 10 crochet hook.

I made a blanky for my cute niece Miss C
This is Miss C, she's wearing a headband I made her by the way.... just saying...

The headband matches her new blanky

This is for my other bestie's baby coming in September. He's an accountant so I thought this would be appropriate for his little man. I got the idea from here.

This is my ugly blanket I'm making from my excess wool and the scrap I have in my container

My last little gem is recycled crayons I'm making for my niece. Master 9 doesn't use the crayons much anymore and I had some myself so I decided to use the idea I got from here that I originally saw on Pinterest. Well back to making my ugly blanket. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bloggy Babes at the Basin

So when one of your besties Art by Anya is back home for a visit what do you do? Well Paisley Jade organises a get together and this is what happens....

Another lovely gathering with the Bloggy Babes!