Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review Number 2 - Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner

What is new Pantene Aqua Light?

The new Pantene Aqua Light range contains revolutionary ingredients developed to nourish the hair without weighing it down. This sophisticated composition achieves the perfect balance between conditioning and lightness, resulting in a clean but nourished feeling.

How does it work?

Unlike other shampoos and conditioners, the Aqua Light formula contains highly water soluble beads that clean hair gently and rinse away fast – 9 times faster than any other Light formula. The result is lightweight, beautifully nourished hair that looks lifted, has amazing movement and keeps your style in place.

Why is it more advanced than other treatments?

Conventional conditioners mostly feature tightly packed inner structures that appear creamy and dense and eventually drag hair down. Aqua Light’s loose, fluid composition delivers just the right amount of nourishment before rinsing away and leaving you with gorgeous, swissshable hair.

Here's the link for that:

Hmmm well I enjoy receiving product to review but I guess not everything can get a great review.

I usually really like using Pantene so I was disappointed that this shampoo didn't work for me. 
My hair type probably doesn't suit the Light Formula. I have curly hair and don't use and product. I'm not sure how that related to this product not working well for me but I don't think I'll be using it again. In saying that I do like using other Pantene products. Thanks for reading.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Be Natural Cereal Review!

I'm always keen to do a review so when  Kiwi Mummy Blogs offered me the chance to do some I took it!

My first review was to taste some cereals from Be Natural.

They sent me three boxes of Cereal and 2 boxes of trail bars (and these were just a bonus too!).

Oh my goodness these are YUMMO!

Here's Master 9 enjoying a bar!

The flavour of the bars were Berry and Nut & Fruit. These would be a great alternative to normal sweet cereal bars you get at the shop. These were delicious and the berry one had good berry chunks in it.

I first tried the Pink Lady Apple and Flame Raisin! This was delicious! The real fruit pieces and whole grain flakes were nice, lite and tasty.

This second box I tasted was Cashew, Almonds, Hazelnut & Coconut. Soooo moreish! To be able to see the nuts and coconut etc. This would be a great alternative to heavy muesli. I would eat this all the time.

The 3rd box 5 Whole Grain flakes was nice too but I had no yoghurt or banana's to put on it which would have made it a whole lot yummier. Much tastier alternative to cornflakes too I reckon.

So overall I really enjoyed the tasty treats from Be Natural. You make a lovely range of delicious goodness!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Time!

Just a space filling blog today. Alas 'tis the Christmas Season! 1st of December and its on baby! Here's some piccy's of our Christmas Spirit so far.

Got this idea from Pinterest. Did these for Master 9's class-mates.

"Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree... (how artificial are your branches.... hehehe)"

Day One on the Nativity Calendar, the STAR appears!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Craftiness

I love Christmas! I've been trying to make presents this year. I made this for my lovely friend MamaMoo because she has two little cuties!

I enjoyed making this!

More crafty posts to come!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest my crafty Allie!

I know I know its been ages... I've been crafting... well staring at the computer screen on Pinterest and getting idea's for Christmas presents and stuff to sell in my facebook page etc....

So for the sake of having a post here are some of my crafts!

This pin inspired these. I love the magnet pegs.

These were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I LOVE BUTTONS!!!!!

I'll post my Christmas pressies I've made later. I decided to make my nieces and nephews their presents this year instead of buying them. The only one's I'm having trouble making for are my 15 and 18 year old nephews.... any idea's?


Sunday, October 2, 2011

'HI' I'm here!

Earlier this year while I was in the throws of exercising all this time (implying that it isn't the case right now..) I was walking up my local mountain track. I came across this on the pathway up:

It intrigued me so I took a photo of it with my phone.

Often my time walking around that mountain is filled with thoughts and prayers and ponderings. 

I know some people might think its just a person being silly writing a funny little HI but I'd like to think we all have a HI waiting to be acknowledged.

We all have in our hearts this God shaped hole that longs to be filled. We think perhaps that right person, a new pair of jeans, money, travel etc can fill that gap in our hearts. I remember hearing about this God shaped hole in your heart back when I was a teenager and feeling the ache it made in me. Deep loneliness and need for validation from people, parents and peers yet my God shaped hole couldn't be filled by these. 

When I gave my heart to the LORD in all sincerity and truth that gaping hole in my heart disappeared that day when I surrendered myself to God. I can't explain how that physical/spiritual ache left my heart but it did and it has never come back. My heart feels complete and whole. I know God see's me and loves me. That is a testimony that no one can take from me when there is a challenge on the existence of God and my relationship with Him.

So back to the HI on the path, I see you HI. You made me smile and thoughtful. God see's you and loves you. You can't hide from Him because He know's who you are and cares for you, you are important to the world and created to make a difference to your sphere of influence. xx


Saturday, September 24, 2011


A friend of mine asked me a couple of months ago to make her a Croquemboche for her 30th birthday and I was like 'yep' haven't done that before... So the months passed by and the time came to do it.... eeecck....

What an interesting experience that was. So anyway here are some photo's I took documenting my experiences.

Lots of eggs....

Making the choux pastry.

Piping the puff balls from the finished choux mix.

Mountains of puff balls.... over 200 phew!

Making the yummy custard!!!

Egg yolks, sugar and cornflour for the custard base.

Making the toffee drizzle! Super hot and scary!

The final Mexican themed Croquembouche.

What these photo's didn't show was my failed attempt using a cone and the mildly screaming disaster I was when I saw my many ball collapsing into a pile as I took the cone out.... aaahhh!

Thank you LORD for kiwi ingenuity and taping 3 formula tins together cover with baking paper holding up this lovely creation. I was happy with  the result.

My friend was happy with the result! 


Monday, September 12, 2011

Op Shop Find

Another bargain at the Op Shop I got for $1. I'm needing this one for some current projects I'm doing. I love a good bargain!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

50cent Thrill!

Master 9 and I have been looking on the net at this kinda thing lately. I told him I'd go to the op shop today and grabs some old records. So this our 50 cent record made in to a bowl....

Cheap thrills!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've been crafting. I've really enjoyed to do these for my friends 
My 2 lovely besties are in Oz so when I heard Mumma of Art by Anya was going over I wanted to send a little gift to my girls. Love you guys and miss you both.

This mum, dad, big bro, twin girls and little man.

This is mum and dad, big bro, middle bro and little baby bro.

Pinterest  is such a great source of inspiration for me! I love it.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What shall I do with these bargains???

Surplus Direct is great for a bargain. I got these beauty's for $2 each because they have no lids!

Any idea's?


Op Shop Bargain!

I got this cool lamp from the Op Shop last week for $10. This awesome lamp looks fab at night. Deciding whether to do something crafty to it. What do you think?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Pyjama School Drop Off!

It was too cold to change out of my jammies this morning dropping Master 9 off at school..... brrrrrrr.....

Mrs Scrapheap and I have matching jammies... I like the colours!

Eeecck ice on the windscreen!

Off to Spotlight today wIth some other bloggy babes!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monkey Business with the Bloggy Babes

Mrs Jacksta hosted our latest get together to make Sock Monkeys under the tutorage of Mrs Kiwi at Heart. I love Sock Monkeys so it was nice to see how they are made in person. Easy as it turns out! But before we could do that we just had to eat and have a chat!

We had a great time! I didn't get to finish the one I started but I did finish another one today and he is called 
Sir Percival Jones