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Pinterest my crafty Allie!

I know I know its been ages... I've been crafting... well staring at the computer screen on Pinterest and getting idea's for Christmas presents and stuff to sell in myfacebook page etc....

So for the sake of having a post here are some of my crafts!

This pin inspired these. I love the magnet pegs.

These were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I LOVE BUTTONS!!!!!

I'll post my Christmas pressies I've made later. I decided to make my nieces and nephews their presents this year instead of buying them. The only one's I'm having trouble making for are my 15 and 18 year old nephews.... any idea's?


I've been crafting. I've really enjoyed to do these for my friends 
My 2 lovely besties are in Oz so when I heard Mumma of Art by Anya was going over I wanted to send a little gift to my girls. Love you guys and miss you both.

This mum, dad, big bro, twin girls and little man.

This is mum and dad, big bro, middle bro and little baby bro.

Pinterest  is such a great source of inspiration for me! I love it.


Crafting it up!

Its been awhile. I've been making stuff and stuff. Babies (and those that are still baking) have given me crafty inspiration. And I must say my crochet hook(s) have been at work. I have actually made something for myself which is nice for a change.

This is my new blanky made with thick wool and a number 10 crochet hook.

I made a blanky for my cute niece Miss C
This is Miss C, she's wearing a headband I made her by the way.... just saying...

The headband matches her new blanky

This is for my other bestie's baby coming in September. He's an accountant so I thought this would be appropriate for his little man. I got the idea from here.

This is my ugly blanket I'm making from my excess wool and the scrap I have in my container

My last little gem is recycled crayons I'm making for my niece. Master 9 doesn't use the crayons much anymore and I had some myself so I decided to use the idea I got from here that I originally saw on Pinterest. Well back to making my ugly blanket. 


Its Winter so I crocheted myself a hot water bottle cover.

How to Make a Pacman Piñata.

I originally was looking for a good quality helium balloon (which I have used previously for other pinata's) but after a discussion with the shop lady she suggested a ball. I wasn't sure to begin with thinking a ball might me too thick but this one is a cheap $3 ball from one of those variety shops. You'll also need some vaseline, strips of old paper, prepared wallpaper glue and a bowl or stand to put the ball/balloon in.

Give the ball a coating of vaseline as this helps the ball (or balloon) come away easily when the paper mache' has dried properly. I had no vaseline this time so I just used a coating of coconut oil.  

Coat the paper scraps each side with the glue and start placing them overlapping over the whole surface. Let this layer fulling dry.

Then a second layer, let this dry.


A pinata needs to be hung up so I attach a ribbon right round (plus extra obviously so you can tie it around a pole for hanging) and secure it with tape then paper mache over it with a white layer.

Then so a second layer using different white toned paper so you know the difference between layers. Let thsi dry.

Staple around opening to secure the ribbon, then paper mache over the staples.

Mark out where you want the mouth to be. Pop the with the craft knife carefully.

Carefully cut out the mouth piece.

I taped 2 pieces of card together for a hinge effect and place in to Pacman's mouth and traced the round outline and cut to fit. I stuck black paper (A4 folded in half and pasted over the hinged card) over it.

Place the 'mouth' in the gap and cut the over hang pieces so they can be glued down.

Paper mache over with white pieces and leave to dry.

Paint the white yellow.

Nearly finished. Glue some funky eyes on.

Walaa! There he is!


Retro Party Cool

Master 9's birthday party was on Saturday and he chose the theme Video Games... Straight away I put my thinking cap in and I loved the theme! 80's retro here we come with a modern video game twist.

Pacman Streamers

Pin the Controller on the Playstation and Pacman Pinata

Mario Mushrooms

Mario Life Stars

Mario Mushrooms

Goku (Dragon Ball Z) Cake

Goodie Tin's instead of Goodie Bags, decided to upcycle my old formula tin's (that I had been hoarding since Master 9 was a baby...). I made the tin's with a slot in the top so the boys could use them as money tin's too.


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