Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Asher's first day back at school.

Well its been a good holiday but it is time to go back to school for my son. As much as we love each other its nice to get the old routine and space back from the intensity of been together all the time.

We have had a good time relaxing. We went to the movies and saw 'Bolt', 'Madagascar 2' and 'Bedtime Stories'. Heather and I went and saw 'The Yes Man'. So to me thats pretty good going. Asher and I love the movies.

We went up north for Christmas with my whanau and camped on dads front lawn in a little rustic valley. No power, no flush toilet - but its awesome...

Yet alass back to work and school, which is actually fab. I have been avoiding the reality that I actually have alot of work to do this year and a bit of saving to do for our trip to Oz. My counselling hours are the main thing that has been taxing my thoughts. I have to do so many and my clients are very few at the mo. But God willing they are picking up.

Ash doesn't want to got to school today and I don't blame him... all these days of sleep-in' and no time table and then wham back to school. He has a new teacher and a new class. His old friends are in different classes so to me its like he's starting all over again, I pray for him to make some really good mates and feel safe and secure, valued and looked after. Its a heart-tug being a mum!


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