Friday, April 17, 2009

School Holidays

Well its school holidays again and Asher and I are floating around the place. The one thing that makes holidays bearable is my family. Its good to have my sisters and their children around. A shared responsiblity! Yay for whanau.

Asher is 7 next month and we are planning a trip to see my beautiful friends and their kiddies in Australia. We are so looking forward to it. So after the school holiday we get to have another holiday! Its great.

There are defintely benefits to being a solo mum (and there was a time I probably wouldn't of said that). We get to go off on little adventures and its great. Asher and I are like a little team. If we want to go out and get an ice cream we can just jump in the car and go, if we want to go for a random drive we can! Its just us and it helps to look on the bright side sometimes (as I do tend to look the other side sometimes.

One more week oof holidays.....

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