Monday, June 15, 2009


Its been a wee while since I wrote something so I thought I better check in. I should be in bed but as usual I'm squeezing every bit of ME time I can before the day starts over again in the morning.

Master 7 is in bed and I'm multi-browsing on the internet. Flicking between trademe, facebook, emails etc.

I have been at my friends daycare centre today helping her out. Children are such an interesting group of people. I remember when Master 7 was their age, time goes by so fast. When people tell you that when your bubs is little you really don't believe them but its true. I don't know where the last 7 years have gone.

I will be divorced 7 years this september, I can't believe that either!
7 such a biblical number! 7 Lord, what is 7 bringing me this year. So yes my boy turned 7 and I'll be divorced 7 years.

So much has happened within the last 10 years:
- Flatting with 2 different groups of girlies. (Loved it!)
- Missions Trip to China smuggling Christian Literature across the border and it was my first overseas trip.
- Went on Weight Watcher for the 1st time and lost 20kgs
- Met my husband to-be
- Got in engaged
- Got married
- Got pregnant
- Seperated and divorced
- Lost weight again
- Lived by myself (with my son) for the first time in my life whilst parenting solo
- Mum passed away from cancer
- Studied towards becoming a counsellor
- Put on weight
- Finished my studies
- Still in the throes of finishing my practical hours
- 3 trips to Oz during that time

Man times flies...

But you know what, God has been faithful and constant all that time and I couldn't journey in this life without him. My heart has been healed and held all through those times. Would I want things different, sure some things perhaps. But life is was it is and you make the most of it knowing that God turns all things for good. Would my heart be soft towards the hurting if it hadn't experienced so much hurt itself? Would I understand the pain, the need for support or comfort, the non-judgemental - unconditional love you need in times of trauma? I don't think so. So my God is good. So whatever it is that I have been through its all for the glory of God.


  1. hey becks...didn't even know you had a blog! You are a faithful and inspirational chick. I look forward to following your blog and your thoughts on life and God.

  2. What a journey - and as you say... God is faithful no matter what. Love your honesty and you!