Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its my party and I'll cry if I want too...

I actually didn't cry but hey... This years birthday was actually fun. Last year I think perhaps I did cry and it was a non-event. I love birthdays! But as I get older I don't like the aging part so much. Friends, Family, Fun, Festivities and best of all PRESENTS! I love it. I normally try and do something every year. A group of us went to Waipu Pizza Barn and it was a fun night. I got me a cowboy hat, wore my boots and a check shirt, yeehaw!

You only need a few good friends to make a great night. So thanks friends. I missed you Banban and Lisee-lou. I'm looking forward to when your here.

Perhaps birthdays are Gods reminder that each year is precious and unique. It will never be exactly like the last one gone. LORD I hope so and pray so. I'm forever hopeful about the future and what God is going to bring.

As I get older my perspectives change and deepen, and I like that! True wisdom comes from God and thats my prayer, for wisdom, discerment, insight and knowledge.

My favourite thing I got for my birthday was from my friend Char, stationery! I LOOOVVVVEEE Stationery. Well actually is was a memo block with a pen. Thats the way to my heart!



  1. So glad you had an awesome birthday Becky... I loooove the Pizza Barn... and I also loooooove stationery! Old age = blessed with a long life... definitely something to be thankful for! (not that your old or anything!).

  2. I am stationery CRAZY. Don't know why, but it's just addictive! And I always lose it...

  3. Hey bex..I know this is a late comment posting...but I've only just begun blogging and "following".. heehee.. anyway back to the comment.... you and Kristy and Gail above, absolutely LOOVVEE stationery! And pens...I am sooo so so easy to buy for it aint funny.
    Yay you! I am gonna go and read some of your blogs now and know this...I will be following you closely! ;)
    love lots xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Becky-Boo! Keep on blogging... :)