Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger Desert...

Ever feel like your face down in a tumbleweed with no bloggy motivation.... 

Don't get me wrong, I have things I want to say but am only just popping in to say hello....
... in amongst the tumbleweed blowing by...

I've been crafting/crocheting up a storm with Mrs Kiwi at Heart for our up and coming stall:

So yeah its the thought that counts.....



  1. heaps of tumble weed over at my blog too. So glad I get a close up of the ad you made. VERY CUTE. You are rocking the craft thing Miss Becky. xxx

  2. Bahaha tumble weed .. Funny pic ;-) (I think the tumble weed GROWS at mine!)

  3. Loving your new blog look Becky!! very fancy!
    Haha the tumble weed!!
    and sooo looking forward to our crafty stall!!!

  4. i always thought tumbleweeds were fake things in western movies! i guess they're quite real haha.

    xo katie elizabeth