Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafting it up!

Its been awhile. I've been making stuff and stuff. Babies (and those that are still baking) have given me crafty inspiration. And I must say my crochet hook(s) have been at work. I have actually made something for myself which is nice for a change.

This is my new blanky made with thick wool and a number 10 crochet hook.

I made a blanky for my cute niece Miss C
This is Miss C, she's wearing a headband I made her by the way.... just saying...

The headband matches her new blanky

This is for my other bestie's baby coming in September. He's an accountant so I thought this would be appropriate for his little man. I got the idea from here.

This is my ugly blanket I'm making from my excess wool and the scrap I have in my container

My last little gem is recycled crayons I'm making for my niece. Master 9 doesn't use the crayons much anymore and I had some myself so I decided to use the idea I got from here that I originally saw on Pinterest. Well back to making my ugly blanket. 



  1. I love your stuff... especially the ugly blanket! Those recycled crayons are such a great idea too. xoxo

  2. Bahaha ugly blanket that is so funny :-) Good crafting crafty lady!

  3. Wow Becky you are quite the crafter! Love the t-shirt!