Friday, December 23, 2011

Be Natural Cereal Review!

I'm always keen to do a review so when  Kiwi Mummy Blogs offered me the chance to do some I took it!

My first review was to taste some cereals from Be Natural.

They sent me three boxes of Cereal and 2 boxes of trail bars (and these were just a bonus too!).

Oh my goodness these are YUMMO!

Here's Master 9 enjoying a bar!

The flavour of the bars were Berry and Nut & Fruit. These would be a great alternative to normal sweet cereal bars you get at the shop. These were delicious and the berry one had good berry chunks in it.

I first tried the Pink Lady Apple and Flame Raisin! This was delicious! The real fruit pieces and whole grain flakes were nice, lite and tasty.

This second box I tasted was Cashew, Almonds, Hazelnut & Coconut. Soooo moreish! To be able to see the nuts and coconut etc. This would be a great alternative to heavy muesli. I would eat this all the time.

The 3rd box 5 Whole Grain flakes was nice too but I had no yoghurt or banana's to put on it which would have made it a whole lot yummier. Much tastier alternative to cornflakes too I reckon.

So overall I really enjoyed the tasty treats from Be Natural. You make a lovely range of delicious goodness!



  1. I agree, the cereals in their original recipe where delicious. My favorite was the Cashew Almond Hazelnut & Coconut. However, they have since changed their recipe. They have significantly reduced the amount of clusters, so much so that the contents of the box has reduded in weight by 95 grams. The fat content has also increased along with the sugar, sodium & carbs. The only beneficial increase is the fibre content, however, this will be of no benefit to me, due to the lack of flavour I will no longer be buying it. Unfortunately (or fortunately for them) they do not have a facebook page, so this is my only way of sharing. Love to see if others notice the difference!