Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crafting in Public

In the vein of my friend Paisley Jade's Nerds Crafting in Public this is my attempt today. Master 8 was bored and wanted to go to the pools which usually means I am BORED whilst he enjoys himself with his friend splashing around. So I brought a good book with me.

Which is a really good read! Recommend it.

And my crocheting. I finished it while I was there! Awesome. This one is for my sister.

I wanted proof for Paisley Jade. What fun there is to be had out there when waiting for your kiddies!



  1. I have read this book, "More than a Carpenter". It is brilliant.

  2. Too cool - have added your vid to the group

    That book sounds awesome!

  3. Mean! Next time pop your togs on and relax in the spa!! :-)