Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Blues...

Got a case of the blues today. More a case of feeling stink for mucking up at my new job. No one likes to make mistakes and feel like they have let people down. This has been my friend this morning...

Sometimes you just get in to a funk and the need to wallow a little ensues... Afterall there are other people out there who have deeper concerns going on. Been depressed is a part of life and I don't begrudge anyone the indulgence.

Paisley Jade's blog this morning was a good reminder that there is always something to be thankful for so yes I am thankful for chocolate! Hehe.

All I can say is that despite making mistakes in my new job and feeling a bit poo's I still know that God is for me and not against me, His plans for me are for good - not for evil, He's works all things for good, no weapons formed against me shall prosper, He will never leave me nor forsake me, He has forgiven me, He sees my tears and fears and cover's me with His mighty hand. Thank God I have Him otherwise I would have rolled up into a ball sitting in the corner collecting dust years ago! He is my hope and my heart for better.



  1. I sure wish I had your faith to help me feel better Becky ... love you xxx
    Days like today turn into yesterdays :)

  2. Oh My Beautiful Friend, Your awesome inside and out and hey, we all make MISTAKES !!!!!! But you know what, that's life and nobody is FREAKING perfect. That's how we all learn..........So scouff down the choc, have a cry and soon you will feel great........NO matter what mistake you've done at work - you ARE STILL ONE AMAZING WOMEN and NO-ONE can change that............LOVE YOU STACKS

  3. I love how we have the word of God to hold to His promises! You are awesome and God is doing a good work through you Becky. Psalm 91:4

  4. love to you Becky, glad we are having our fb chocolate eating sharing experience today <3
    And He is GOOD!!!

  5. Oh Becky - I HATE mucking up at jobs! Hopefully you will be able to laugh about it oneday (or at least not cry when you look back). LOVE chocolate. God is awesome. xoxo

  6. Oh poor you Becky - what an awful feeling. You are still an amazing lady - no matter how bad a mistake, and super glad to know you have our old friend king-sized-block-of-endorphins to help you out. Hug. xx

  7. Thanks guys, your arohanui is appreciated!

  8. Just found your blog and have to say, I love the sound of you : )
    Don't worry about a few mistakes - everything looks better after a sleep or two and besides you learnt from them! Yes He has plans for you and they ARE good!


  9. Gutted! It's always daunting starting a new job and when(yes, everyone makes mistakes sometimes!) you make a mistake you feel extra bad if you're new aye?! YAY for chocolate - hope your weekend is SUPER cool to make up for it xoxo *hugs*