Monday, August 15, 2011

Pyjama School Drop Off!

It was too cold to change out of my jammies this morning dropping Master 9 off at school..... brrrrrrr.....

Mrs Scrapheap and I have matching jammies... I like the colours!

Eeecck ice on the windscreen!

Off to Spotlight today wIth some other bloggy babes!



  1. Cool pjs! Done that soooooo many times. Sux when your kid trips getting out of the car though and you HAVE to get out and take him crying into class.....cringe

  2. Love your pjs and loved seeing you today!!

  3. Awesome PJs!!! I LOVE mine!!!

  4. LOVE the PJS!!! why didnt you wear them to Spotlight?? hehe
    My kids have a fit when I wear my slippers to collect them... Miss Elise almost had kittens when I wore them into the four square....haha.