Sunday, October 2, 2011

'HI' I'm here!

Earlier this year while I was in the throws of exercising all this time (implying that it isn't the case right now..) I was walking up my local mountain track. I came across this on the pathway up:

It intrigued me so I took a photo of it with my phone.

Often my time walking around that mountain is filled with thoughts and prayers and ponderings. 

I know some people might think its just a person being silly writing a funny little HI but I'd like to think we all have a HI waiting to be acknowledged.

We all have in our hearts this God shaped hole that longs to be filled. We think perhaps that right person, a new pair of jeans, money, travel etc can fill that gap in our hearts. I remember hearing about this God shaped hole in your heart back when I was a teenager and feeling the ache it made in me. Deep loneliness and need for validation from people, parents and peers yet my God shaped hole couldn't be filled by these. 

When I gave my heart to the LORD in all sincerity and truth that gaping hole in my heart disappeared that day when I surrendered myself to God. I can't explain how that physical/spiritual ache left my heart but it did and it has never come back. My heart feels complete and whole. I know God see's me and loves me. That is a testimony that no one can take from me when there is a challenge on the existence of God and my relationship with Him.

So back to the HI on the path, I see you HI. You made me smile and thoughtful. God see's you and loves you. You can't hide from Him because He know's who you are and cares for you, you are important to the world and created to make a difference to your sphere of influence. xx