Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest my crafty Allie!

I know I know its been ages... I've been crafting... well staring at the computer screen on Pinterest and getting idea's for Christmas presents and stuff to sell in my facebook page etc....

So for the sake of having a post here are some of my crafts!

This pin inspired these. I love the magnet pegs.

These were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I LOVE BUTTONS!!!!!

I'll post my Christmas pressies I've made later. I decided to make my nieces and nephews their presents this year instead of buying them. The only one's I'm having trouble making for are my 15 and 18 year old nephews.... any idea's?



  1. So cool! What a crafty lady you are. Love those pegs!

  2. you are so good at actually making Becky, I am so far only good at the Pinning
    LOVE those button ball decs, toooo cute!!

  3. These looks so wonderful Becky! Good on ya, I have just started on Pinterest... Bit of a newbie but will get into it hopefully :)

  4. Oh you are awesome!! Loving your makings (and must email you some pics of the awesome pressy you made for my boy!).

  5. awesome work becky! the button baubles look wicked!

  6. great stuff Bex...and I have no clue about what teenagers would want...they are all into their gadgets...what about a cool gadget cover? Cellphone cover or something?