Saturday, June 16, 2012

Woah that was a bit of a break.

Where have I been? I've been lost in a forest of essays, college, work and coffees. That's my life at the mo. The more I learn the more I'm really enjoying early childhood education. My classmates are pretty cool and we had to do group presentations last week. Our group did well.

35 and starting a new career! I must have at least a good 30 years of working in me. I want a house, I want to provide for my son, I want to be a blessing! What better way to do that then working with little people and getting paid to do it!

Anywho also I've got to see my beautiful little niece these last few days. She is such a sweety!

She loves popcorn!

I just had to tape her eating it. Only a love-struck aunty would video tape that kind of thing and think it was cute.....

 Love you my Charlie girl! xx

Anywho bloggy-babes just a quick hi to you all. Maybe in the holidays I'll do a proper post.



  1. She is just the cutest wee thing ever!!! Yay for you Becky - you are amazing!

  2. I remember the feeling of best lost under a pile of essays. Its all worth it in the end. xxx

  3. proud of you buddy. And what a little cutie!