Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hash Tag #nzmugswap2013 Hash Tag...

What a cool idea! I wanted to participate in this because I like mugs. I was looking out for my mug while thinking what to do for my mug swap person. I came up with this idea to make some clothing for her mug.

I made a little hat for this mug to which is missing from this photo. Here is my blogging mug swaps blog: I so wish I was able to put more in your package. Please forgive me!

Little did I know that my lovely friend from Kiwi at Heart had me for the mug swap. I received this awesome package in the post:

I was blown away. Thank you so much! No matter how electronic of advanced technology gets its still nice to receive things in the post or by courier. Hmmm what will next year bring. 

B-B xx


  1. Gorgeous Bex! At least you made something for your swap... I ended up just buying all my stuff.. hahah ... still waitng to hear she got it.. :)
    (Still waiting for mine too...excited!)

  2. Love your mugs outfit! Must get involved next time!

  3. Aw cute, clothes for mugs!!! it was such a fun swap!

  4. Loving all the mug cozies etc. I need to make a mug cozy now.
    I am loving all the cute details going into the parcels.
    Can't wait to do another one next year. :)

  5. Love the mug cosy you made! too cute!
    And your gift is AWESOME!!

  6. Hello! Just wanted to say THANKYOU for my Mug with it's own cute little jumper, scarf and hat :-) I have taken some photos (including the hat) and hoping to post very soon about it!