Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Op Shop Bargain!!!!

I fell in love today.... I was doing my usual Op Shop Thursday thing and then I glimpsed these....

I have a cake tin fetish! Look how big this lovely cake tin is (hense the Chapstick showing you how humongous this gorgeous tin is!). I'm looking forward to finding some Nut Loaf recipes for my new nut loaf tin. Soooo loving these. Op Shops Rock!


  1. woohoo!!!
    I must come op shopping with you one day!

  2. I love a good op shop find. I bought a cosy baby all in one, hardly worn, for $3.95. Will show you in person soon xx

  3. Great finds... I need to hit the op shops sometime!

  4. wow that is a big tin! good score and I'm really glad the chap stick wasn't what I was thinking as an op shop find...eww ;)