Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We the Body.

I guess it will be one of those times where you remember where you were when you heard the news. I was painting window sills when I heard the news about the Christchurch earthquake. (I remember where I was when Princess Di was killed in a car accident too!). I thought to myself oh not again those poor people. Then this time people were hurt and dead. Its so gutting. What also pulled my heart strings too was hearing that the kiddies at school all huddle together and it made me think of my own Master 8 been caught in a disaster! Imagine all those parents worried, kids fretting and family and friends distressed!
New Zealand hurts all over when one of our own is hurt. Its times like this we see what its like to function as a body. Our hearts break together when lives are lost.
While I've been painting today I'm had lifefm on and most of the discussion has been around what can we do to help. Prayer has been a big part of that and also donating money to places such as Salvation Army etc. Its been encouraging to hear how much we all want to help.
I guess in my mind this is the Body of Christ in action. Not just Christian's helping but everybody functioning together for the greater good of our nation. Its Christlike to function in a healthy relational way which is serving the needs of others, putting others before ourselves. So perhaps even if we don't acknowledge God in our actions or we don't know him yet are loving others I'm sure he honours that action and attitude. This is a prime example of mankind doing love on a practical level.
Anywho just some food for thought.


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