Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Baby!

I have a new niece, she is just delicious. My brothers 1st daughter (as if having 4 sister's wasn't enough for the poor guy!). 6 weeks old (4 weeks prem). She is so cute. I can see my brother when I look at her and also my mum. Gene's?! They are amazing! She has my brothers feet and beautiful blue eyes and I'll claim the dark hair since my brother and his partner had fair hair. Yes I will claim the hair!
I think the miracle of a little person growing inside you is amazing! God is awesome! In our female body we have the capacity to make a whole new organ called the placenta to house, nourish and grow a little human being. That is mind blowing! And when the time is right this little person comes through a very small space between our legs through moving bones, their skull especially made pliable for this purpose. WOAH! Doesn't that just blow your mind!
Master 8 knows I have a theory around how long he has existed and every now and then he asks me "So how old am I really?". And I answer him, "Well when I was born I was born with all my eggs and you came from one of  those eggs so your 34 like me". He finds my logic interesting! That blows my mind that as a female baby growing  in MY MOTHERS womb I have all my eggs there ready to be fertilised even before I came out in to the world and had even considered being attracted to the opposite sex!
How can I be a mistake? How can I have evolved from an ape? How could this world have appeared through a big bang? How could we all have appeared eventually in time emerging from a sludge pool shaped like a fish or blob? Why do we insist on coming from nothing special and think we have no purpose and that purposelessness has evolved over millions of ongoing years?
What's wrong with having the belief that a loving Creator purposefully made me and wants me to be apart of this world in a way that bring love and light to the world. I'll tell you that the latter sounds more appealing.
When I look at my lovely new niece and how precious she is and the love my brother and partner have for her I love that its brought out a whole new side in him! That loving Father who wants nothing but the best for His little girl. He'll protect her to the ends of the earth, and if you treat her wrong you better watch out! That's like my big Heavenly Father to me. Thank you LORD for your Fathers Heart towards your children! Unconditional, undeserved but unstoppable!

My new niece's little feet.

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