Thursday, March 31, 2011

Observations and Ponderings

In the mornings I usually do my exercise after I drop Master 8 off at school. Walking is my normal form of physical fitness. I'm blessed to live by a fabulous mountain. This is the view from the top.

Anywho while I'm walking through the bush up and down the trek its a great time to think and ponder, pray and petition, laugh and wonder. I love the tree's and being in the bush and breathing in the clean air and absorb it into my soul. It's my soul food and my spirit has definitely lifted since we moved to our new house. On a particular trek I end up on the other side of the mountain and end up walking along some streets. I find it  interesting walking past people houses and the busy-ness of the main road. So different from being up the mountain. And I guess another weird observation I have made is walking past people's rubbish and recycling bins. I'm observant (nosey) by nature. I glance in on my way past and I see abit about this person's lifestyle. Something that made me think was the amount of alcohol thats been consumed by some people. Recycling bins full of beer bottles usually. Not all people just some. It made me sad. My relationship with alcohol has had its ups and downs but its all down to personal choice really isn't it? So why does seeing these beer bottles etc make me sad? I suppose its the thought that if  you have to consume so much does that mean that person is missing something in their life? Do they have kids? Are they by themselves? Could they be buying food instead of so much drink? Is it my business anyway? Mixture of all of that I suppose. 
As a family we were on the receiving end of alcohol abuse so I know first hand how it effects you, that's a part of my concern. Mum never had enough money because she wasn't the bread winner, dad was, but he would drink. Yet some how that wonderful woman kept us all fed and clothed and loved.
I have a better understanding around alcohol now then I did back then. Its not the drink that makes a drunk, its the drunk who consumes too much drink. Its like that old saying, 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people'.  I still think that people have to be responsible for their choices and how those effect other people. Lets face it its not just alcohol that people over consume, its food, its work, its internet use, its drugs etc etc. These all have a flip side that effect our community.
The other weekend I went to a mate's dad's exhibition on Human Rights at the Old Library Gallery (Te Gallery). There was some thought provoking photographs on display. Go have a look if you have time. 
Some thoughts I left with after viewing the photo's were, 'If we want to have rights then we also have to accept that we have responsibilities too'. We can't just expect to get things without giving too. We live in relationship with each other on varying degree's.
Another thought I left with was people have the right to freedom yet some of our community live bound in prison in different kind such as poverty and abuse.
So what does that all have to do with walking through the bush and observing someone's recycling? Well I'm not sure really but we don't live an isolated life. God made us for relationship with each other. Do I have a heart for my community? What does God want me to do with my new thoughts? Am I Light and Salt to those around me? Man I hope so! Its a journey to more self-awareness and doing those things that God wants me to do. Hmm things to think about....



  1. Hi!

    I'm a nosey recycle bin observer too! and shopping trolleys...I've always thought that must be the biggest perk of working in a supermarket especially in a small-ish town;) haha

    And would you believe I was having a similar thought the other day regarding my bin, we had friends over to watch the rugby, the guys all had a couple of beers each and it was all left at our place the next day, I remember thinking how bad it looked on the side of the road, and we hardly drink beer much at all.

    But yeah totally get what you are saying. Great thought provoking post. Nice to "meet" you :)

  2. Hehehe Hi! Nice to 'meet' you too! I'm guilty of trolley gazing as well... SO nosey...

  3. I've had most of those thoughts too.
    And I'd hate to think what the neighbors are going to think when they see this week's recycling after last night's birthday part for The Man... :-D!

    And I also peek into recycle bins!

  4. Hmmm some deep ponderings there...Dont we all love a good nosy?