Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Blob to Bridesmaid

Since my bestie Miss C and Mr N started going out she had told me I would be a bridesmaid. Hmmm a good opportunity to commit to losing weight. So as they courted for longer and longer I continued to wait for my turning point to come... They had a combined birthday gathering in May 2010.... Was this going to be it? Save me from myself, give me a reason to shed the pounds... Alas no the engagement didn't happen then...

At Charlotte and Nathan's Birthday May 2010

I didn't realise how big I looked until I look back at this photo. But not long after this Mr N finally popped the question to Miss C! Yay my quest had begun and I was determined not to be a fat bridesmaid and embarrass my beautiful friend on her special day. She honestly didn't care and never made me feel like I had to lose any weight, it was all my own insecurities believe me! But finally the penny had dropped and I was on my way. 
I know this road I've walked this path a couple of times before. This time I had put on the most weight ever! Scary stuff. Lord I didn't mean to get to that place, it snuck up on me with all those yummy foods I ate. It was totally my own doing. No excuses!
Anywho I've been on a roll since then. BUT this time I wanted a permanent change in the brain to make this a lifestyle rather then a goal to aim for and then move on from. When you read the scripture about renewing the mind it applies to all areas of thought. Food enjoyment and indulging begins in the brain as all things usually do.
As a counsellor my new train of thought has been towards holistic care. We have the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual to tend too. My lack was often in the physical. I've had to change my habits, my thoughts and actions towards a healthier lifestyle yet not losing my passion for sweets and treats altogether. BALANCE people! 
This time on my journey to weight loss it has been pretty cool actually. I've enjoyed including exercise in to my life this time and have embraced it with more gusto! I'm enjoying walking, kick boxing and the odd jog (and I mean ODD JOG, as in I look odd doing it!).
My soul gets fed when I'm walking through the bush, its God's creation at its loveliest. I get to pray out there when I'm walking too! I feel like I've had a great overhaul! God is so good.
Positive Negatives Photo Late 2010

So anywho the journey continues and I have taken my time losing the weight. I've done it slow-ish. Its been good. My confidence has grown again and I'm feeling great.
Miss C and me at her Tea Party Nov 2010

So exercise is working for my, getting toned in places that I quite like. Still want abs though but the preggy pouch won't leave... (love you Master 9 for your lasting impression you've made on my body). 

Bit of skinny dipping at Miss C's Hen's Night Feb 2011

So the Wedding was this weekend and I've finally made it through my 3rd time as a bridesmaid. Photo's of that will come later. 

Paul, Megan and I doing the Beach2Basin March 2011
(I look like I'm in pain.... I wasn't)

Did my final weight for the journey I have been on. Drum Roll...... 22.4kg's! Yay! So I thank Miss C now Mrs C for giving the push I needed to get my weight sorted again! Please LORD keep me in the right frame of mind and personal stance to keep myself healthy and balanced!

My buddy Tim (fellow bridal party person!) and I at the Wedding just gone March 12th 2010

So here I am at the end of this chapter but embarking on another. I love the new me (who was always there but needed a hand up AGAIN!). Thanks for popping by!



  1. You are such an inspiration Becky! Looking as beautiful as ever... and I just love the holistic approach. Well done you! xoxo

  2. I wish I could do what you have done Becky! You are a total inspiration and you look AMAZING!!
    Love you xxx

  3. Way to go Bex. You are looking fabulous! So proud of your efforts.

  4. Awesomeness girlfriend.... You always looked like a "beauty" to me...not at all a blob...but then I am the ultimate blob! lol
    Anyway you are looking totally gorgeous mate!! Well done xxx

  5. You look amazing Bex..... AMAZING. I loved you before and I love you now for who you are but I know you will be happier and healthier inside which shows on the outside too. Stick to your goals and continue the lifelong journey of good health and taking care of this body God has given you. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  6. Amazing Becky well done! You are incredible!