Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lessons in Life

Well what have I learnt today?? Hmmm actually had some time to myself which seemed like ages from the last time that happened. I went and had coffee with Jesus today at one of my favourite cafe's Mokaba. Love the coffee there! I was thinking and pondering my future again and having a journal chat with God about it. In my mind I'm at another chapter in my life... I liken it to been a canvas in transition from sketch to masterpiece. My depth and tone is painted layer over layer with character and experience. Yet at this time I feel like my canvas is blank again yet my depth is still there waiting for my colours to be added to my life. My colours of life are my foundation. As I'm sure a lot of people have thought this too I've often thought of God as a Master Painter who has this overall vision for our lives and he see's this wonderful masterpiece in His mind and to Him we are wonderful, yet we do not see the finished product/painting. When an artist creates any piece there is a sense of pride, ownership and joy that comes with its completion and when given to a gift for someone the artist takes great pleasure in making another happy.
We are all artists of some sort, I'm not sure I'd call myself an artist but I would call myself a creator. Creating brings me joy. When you combine this with the role as a parent and how protective you are with your children and fiercely love them it enables us to glimpse the heart of God towards us his perhaps sometimes scallywag children yet loved none the less.
Gods Grace is sufficient for me, there's is nothing that can separate me from His love, the plans he has for me have been ordained and written in the pages of God's book for me. My name is tattooed on the palm of His Hand, my steps are ordered by my LORD and I have been adopted in to His family, my Big Daddy loves me so!


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